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Breakdown of Roles For Pilot for Chronicles of Honor

This is a breakdown of the roles we are casting

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Casting the pilot of “The Chronicles of Honor,” a new series. Synopsis: A weather anomaly from deep space devastates the planet Earth, shortly after the end of The Libyan War – the latest war in a series of bloody battles in the Middle East. After the storm subsides, over two billion humans are in a deep coma. Science awakens a few, who die horrible and painful deaths. The UN resolves to preserve the humans until science can safely awaken them. Cryogenically frozen for 1600 years, these humans are awakened in the late 36th century as former Earth colonies turn towards authoritarian philosophies from Earth’s distant past. Peace has been preserved for centuries, but authoritarian encroachment threatens the universe. Ancient blood feuds reignite as the universe slowly marches towards war. The millennia-old Earth Union dissolves in disarray. Alliances are formed, and science turns from preserving life to stopping it.
In the midst of the chaos are the reawakened humans from the past. Among them is Matt Brown, an Air Force officer. He leads a squadron with the help of his close friend, Bobby “Reb” Grant. The home front is seeking advice in diplomacy from Susan Moore, a diplomat from the 21st century. She becomes the American President’s closest advisor. They are leading the fight for ideals from the distant past. The project is based on the series of novels, “The Chronicles of Honor.”
Auditions will be held in October 2018. Currently casting the pilot, but further roles will be available in the future. All ages, ethnicities, and genders are encouraged to apply. Include bio, resume, headshot and acting reel. ROLES LISTED ARE JUST FOR THE PILOT. PLEASE SUBMIT AS WE ARE CASTING THE ENTIRE SERIES.
Principal Roles
Captain Matthew Brown
33 Years Old, Caucasian – Combat Pilot, Deeply introspective

Susan Moore
31 Years Old, Caucasian – Works for the US State Department, Negotiating International Agreements, Brilliant Thinker grounded heavily in philosophical teaching.

Captain Robert Grant
33 years Old, Caucasian – Combat Pilot, highly arrogant southerner, a good ol’ boy

Natalie Grant
29 Years old, Causasian – Works in sales, traditional southern woman, high maintenance woman

Supporting Roles
Colonel Kellen Johnson
53 Years old – Combat pilot, Mentor to his squadron members

Major Janet Connolly
38 Years Old, America’s first female combat pilot to serve with a squadron with men.

Major Donald Holcourt
41 years old – Combat Pilot

Lieutenant John Crooker
26 Years Old, Combat Pilot

Lieutenant Frank Harris
26 years Old Combat Pilot – African American

Sergeant O’Rourke
49 years old – Squadron Crew Chief leader

Sergeant Antwon Pierce
41 Years Old – Ground Crew (African American)

22 Other Squadron members, featured extras in the pilot, supporting in later episodes

Two young girls 10 -17 y/o (supporting)

Fast Food employees 16 -50 (1 Supporting) (4 extras)

William Bennett, President of the USA
(look up on Wikipedia)

Michael Moore, activist
(film maker, activist) – look up on wikipedia if you don’t know him

College Age Anti-war activists, One Male, One Female Supporting, many others extras

College Age Pro- Troops activists, One Male One Female, Supporting

Hispanic TV reporter (Supporting)

TV Anchors – Male and female

Urban Father, son is victim of violence (speaking)

Urban Mother, son is victim of violence

Convenience Store clerk, US veteran, 29 – 50 years old.

Police (5)

The Chronicles of Honor, Our next big project

Superhero parody is in the past. We announce pre-production on our next big thing.