Le Squatch is Coming

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July 23rd 1939, Bob Kane and Bill Finger created the global phenomenon that his grown into ‘Batman’.  Along the Way there have been hiccups but lets not talk about George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell with bat nipples, not to mention the Govanator spewing out gems like “Do you know what killed the Dinosaurs….  The Ice Age”.  But with tons of fun Le Squatch delivers a parody of the all of the ridiculousness that is involved with the whole story.  In our story the Bat is a plus sized superhero known as the Fatbat and he has been missing for 23 years, but he comes back and just as he does Gotham City’s under world is turned upside down by a french canadian sasquatch known as Le Squatch.

As the Bat returns his confidant Alfred has a a problem with drugs and a sexual affinity for a certain fast food frozen desert, Jim Gordon is murdered by a clown painted villain known as the Joker, The Mayor has some history with the bat so she doesn’t trust him.  The Bat stands alone…  well sort of Victoria Gordon the new Police Chief is trying her best, but in her heart she knows he’s an idiot.  Rebecca Dent is fighting crime and even lends her skills to help out the bat in rap battle.  But in the end can the Bat defeat le Squatch, The Cat Woman, The Joker and Harley Quinn and the numerous other villains such as Count Chokula, The Squidler, Black Mask, The Penguin , Sal Corleone and many more.  Join of on July 23rd for this fun voyage into the ridiculous world of Gothams’ Fatbat.

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