Being Super

A story of acceptance.  Being Story is a parody of Superman into a world that misjudges him and uses its own prejudices to make assumptions, about the Kryptonian. Being Super is a movie about our own assumptions and how ridiculous they can be.


Being Super Features Jack Kison, Local stage actor and film maker as Kal-El/Mr. Super. Stephanie Skinner Star of The Made in Michigan Film Festivals ‘The Nest‘ as Martha Kent.  Dave Cushing local film/stage actor and arts innovator.  James Kison Local Film Maker and Actor as Jor-El, Kayla McNeal local film maker and actor as Lara, Joel Young local actor as Zoddy and Don Covell, Jr. local actor as Pastor Phelps.   With Traci BurtonParnell Fleming and Amanda Werden in supporting roles. This is the latest production from Phoenix Reborn Films out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the Film Making team of William Craft and Jason Devries.

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