Criminals Beware

Billie Rae Bates as Mayor Daniels, Chevonne Wilson as Rebecca Dent and Linde Hayes as Victoria Gordon. Fight Crime in Gotham City More »

With a diverse cast this film rules

With actors from all over the state and beyond this film is driven by great performances all around. More »

The kent parents at the adoption Agency

\\\"Short of a child falling from the sky, you will never be parents\\\" More »

At its core it is a love stary

Le Squatch Loves the Catwoman, Joker Loves Harley... they all hate the Fatbat. Too bad because the bat is the finest dancer in three states More »

In 1991 Things were simple

The Bat was happiest when things seemed easier, to him their is no grey area, just right and wrong and of course his three trips a day to fresh fudge. More »

The Justice Buddies

The Justice Buddies More »


Le Squatch is now The Redemption of the Bat

Juliet said it first, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”


we changed the name because too many people asked “is the film in English?”   It’s still as funny.

Zero, Grin and the Adoring Masses Parts 3 & 4

Phoenix Reborn Films is proud to announce that we will be starting pre-production on Parts 3 & 4 of this film in September 2015.  Auditions will be held in mid-september.

PROTEST RALLY! Extras needed

Arcadia Creek Festival Place April 18th, 10AM, 9:30 Check In.


Take part in Protest Rally on Saturday, Many Super heroes and Celebrities will be there.  Dress ready to protest, be ready to scream and have fun.  for more info call 269-251-4860 or email . Come on down and have fun expected time 2.5 hours

.extras needed

The Iceman Cometh Official Announcement

If you have seen our previous films like Le Squatch Or Being Super and thought to yourself, this is disgusting! How could they do this to Batman…  to Superman, to make so common the whole genre of superhero comics…  It’s about to get a a lot worse.  As Le Squatch was at 30% humor capacity, The Iceman Cometh is at 81.7%.  This is a complicated comedy algorithm for more details contact Christopher Lloyd at the Indianapolis Star.

Here is a concept poster, be forewarned those who subscribe to villainy the Fatback it back, Mr. Super has his back, Robin will kick your teeth in,Wonder woman will bitch slap you and Aquaman is out swimming with some flounder.

Things to study before experiencing Iceman, The complete works Arnold Schwarzenegger, Glen Garry Glen Ross, Batman and Robin, Team America World Police, Kanye West, Rosie O’Donnell, Mel Gibson, Reverse Candy Canes, The works of Albert Camus, Rousseau’s  Considerations On The Government of Poland, Justin Beiber, Jean Claude Van Damme and of course advance aerodynamics.

P.S. Unite The Seven, that sounds like instructions for some freaky superhero/furry meetup.

poster concept3psd

Audition For The Iceman Cometh

We are holding Auditions for our much anticipated sequel to Le Squatch: Master Criminal which is entitled “The Iceman Cometh”

Roles Available:

Female Roles:

Female Robin

Poison Ivy

Vicky Vale

Hilary Clinton

Michelle Obama

Male Roles

Ra’s A Ghul

Book Worm

Sonny Corleone (James Caan in the godfather)

Tony Montana

Tyler Durden

Bill Cosby

Jerry Sandusky

Plus various day player roles.


Also Casting

four 12 -16 male roles to play

Young Victor freise

Young Oswald Coblepot

Young Roman Sionis

Young Joker


Request sides at, Auditions to be held on 1/31/2015 at 359 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo MI 49007

Le Squatch Invades Gotham

Le Squatch Invades Gotham

Le Squatch Invades Gotham


Le Squatch is coming to New York City, December 29th 7pm

Being Super

A story of acceptance.  Being Story is a parody of Superman into a world that misjudges him and uses its own prejudices to make assumptions, about the Kryptonian. Being Super is a movie about our own assumptions and how ridiculous they can be.


Being Super Features Jack Kison, Local stage actor and film maker as Kal-El/Mr. Super. Stephanie Skinner Star of The Made in Michigan Film Festivals ‘The Nest‘ as Martha Kent.  Dave Cushing local film/stage actor and arts innovator.  James Kison Local Film Maker and Actor as Jor-El, Kayla McNeal local film maker and actor as Lara, Joel Young local actor as Zoddy and Don Covell, Jr. local actor as Pastor Phelps.   With Traci BurtonParnell Fleming and Amanda Werden in supporting roles. This is the latest production from Phoenix Reborn Films out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the Film Making team of William Craft and Jason Devries.

IMBD page

Watch The Complete Version Here

Watch the 7 Minute Cinema 2880 Version Here



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Buy Your Le Squatch DVD Today

You really have no choice.  So do it, you know you want to.  Buy one…  do it now!  but seriously, no pressure.

Deluxe Edition 3 DVDs 19.99


Ok Be A Cheapskate, it’s fine with us. well with me. Alfred says he’s gonna kick your ass if you keep this up.

Feature Only 9.99

Trailer From Our Camera Crew

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July 23rd the celebration will happen.

7PM – Short Film Show Case Featuring Music Videos and Short films inluding:

Short: The Return of Balbo Baggins Featuring:Leah Woltanski, Ryan Edwards, Charles Hummel
Short: Chokula Dark Origins Featuring:Jack Kison, James Kison, Don Covell, Jr., Jason Devries, William Craft
Short: The Nest Directed by James Kison
Short: Music Making Action, Music in Kalamazoo

Music Videos From the Film

Raise Your Hands, Girls Play Hard…  More to be announced

Trailers From:
Hogans Heroines, Till Were Free, The End of Innocence more to be announced

8:15 PM: THE Feature

10:15: The Panel…  we answer your questions.


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