Criminals Beware

Billie Rae Bates as Mayor Daniels, Chevonne Wilson as Rebecca Dent and Linde Hayes as Victoria Gordon. Fight Crime in Gotham City More »

With a diverse cast this film rules

With actors from all over the state and beyond this film is driven by great performances all around. More »

The kent parents at the adoption Agency

\\\"Short of a child falling from the sky, you will never be parents\\\" More »

At its core it is a love stary

Le Squatch Loves the Catwoman, Joker Loves Harley... they all hate the Fatbat. Too bad because the bat is the finest dancer in three states More »

In 1991 Things were simple

The Bat was happiest when things seemed easier, to him their is no grey area, just right and wrong and of course his three trips a day to fresh fudge. More »

The Justice Buddies

The Justice Buddies More »


Le Squatch Invades Gotham

Le Squatch Invades Gotham

Le Squatch Invades Gotham


Le Squatch is coming to New York City, December 29th 7pm

Being Super

A story of acceptance.  Being Story is a parody of Superman into a world that misjudges him and uses its own prejudices to make assumptions, about the Kryptonian. Being Super is a movie about our own assumptions and how ridiculous they can be.


Being Super Features Jack Kison, Local stage actor and film maker as Kal-El/Mr. Super. Stephanie Skinner Star of The Made in Michigan Film Festivals ‘The Nest‘ as Martha Kent.  Dave Cushing local film/stage actor and arts innovator.  James Kison Local Film Maker and Actor as Jor-El, Kayla McNeal local film maker and actor as Lara, Joel Young local actor as Zoddy and Don Covell, Jr. local actor as Pastor Phelps.   With Traci BurtonParnell Fleming and Amanda Werden in supporting roles. This is the latest production from Phoenix Reborn Films out of Kalamazoo, Michigan, and the Film Making team of William Craft and Jason Devries.

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Watch the 7 Minute Cinema 2880 Version Here



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July 23rd the celebration will happen.

7PM – Short Film Show Case Featuring Music Videos and Short films inluding:

Short: The Return of Balbo Baggins Featuring:Leah Woltanski, Ryan Edwards, Charles Hummel
Short: Chokula Dark Origins Featuring:Jack Kison, James Kison, Don Covell, Jr., Jason Devries, William Craft
Short: The Nest Directed by James Kison
Short: Music Making Action, Music in Kalamazoo

Music Videos From the Film

Raise Your Hands, Girls Play Hard…  More to be announced

Trailers From:
Hogans Heroines, Till Were Free, The End of Innocence more to be announced

8:15 PM: THE Feature

10:15: The Panel…  we answer your questions.


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Make July 23rd ‘The Day of the Bat’

We will be presenting Kalamazoo City Council with our petition on June 23rd.
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Latest Trailer

The Doh Dah Parade 2014 – A Little Fat Bat, A little Le Squatch for your enjoyment


The Fat Bat says high to a young parade goer in 2012


This Saturday at 11AM come to downtown Kalamazoo and say hello to several of our cast members as they walk around and greet the citizens of Gotham aka Kalamazoo.

Le Squatch: Master Criminal is a Batman parody Film, produced entirely in Kalamazoo featuring actors from Michigan.  Which Will be premiering at the Alamo Drafthouse on July 23rd, 2014 at 8PM

Set to Appear

Le Squatch, Blackmask, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Bain…ish, Count Chokula, Victoria Gordon, The Joker, Harley Quinn, The Fatbat, Joanne Phoenix and Maybe even The Catwoman

Le Squatch is Coming

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July 23rd 1939, Bob Kane and Bill Finger created the global phenomenon that his grown into ‘Batman’.  Along the Way there have been hiccups but lets not talk about George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell with bat nipples, not to mention the Govanator spewing out gems like “Do you know what killed the Dinosaurs….  The Ice Age”.  But with tons of fun Le Squatch delivers a parody of the all of the ridiculousness that is involved with the whole story.  In our story the Bat is a plus sized superhero known as the Fatbat and he has been missing for 23 years, but he comes back and just as he does Gotham City’s under world is turned upside down by a french canadian sasquatch known as Le Squatch.

As the Bat returns his confidant Alfred has a a problem with drugs and a sexual affinity for a certain fast food frozen desert, Jim Gordon is murdered by a clown painted villain known as the Joker, The Mayor has some history with the bat so she doesn’t trust him.  The Bat stands alone…  well sort of Victoria Gordon the new Police Chief is trying her best, but in her heart she knows he’s an idiot.  Rebecca Dent is fighting crime and even lends her skills to help out the bat in rap battle.  But in the end can the Bat defeat le Squatch, The Cat Woman, The Joker and Harley Quinn and the numerous other villains such as Count Chokula, The Squidler, Black Mask, The Penguin , Sal Corleone and many more.  Join of on July 23rd for this fun voyage into the ridiculous world of Gothams’ Fatbat.

The Opening To Le Squatch