Le Squatch is Coming

  July 23rd 1939, Bob Kane and Bill Finger created the global phenomenon that his grown into ‘Batman’.  Along the Way there have been hiccups but lets not talk about George Clooney and Chris O’Donnell with bat nipples, not to mention the Govanator spewing out gems like “Do you know what killed the Dinosaurs….  TheRead moreRead more

The Opening To Le Squatch

Victoria Gordon, Rebecca Dent and the Bat


Killer Cougar and Catwoman don’t like each other.  Leah Renee as The Catwoman, Chevonne Harris as Killer Cougar!

Extras Needed

        Extras Needed Do you want to be in a film, you will get an IMDB credit, hours of film making experience, and to be part of the creative process! 10- 15 needed on Friday November 15th from 3 pm until 10Pm for m ore info call 269-409-1154 or email phoenixrebornfilms@gmail.com

Young Bruce Wayne has a message