How this project was born
In 1991 four friends decided to make a short film, William Craft, Scott Strickland, Michael White and Ken O’Donnell produced the film “Citizen Dickhead” that parodied heavy both the 1960’s Batman as well as the 1989 Film. Well it’s been a while and the story needed to be updated as the original was full of college humor and nothing we could show anyone without hiding our heads. In a feeble attempt to regain their youths Le Squatch, Master Criminal was born.

The film was shot in the fall of 2011 and ran for 90 minutes, the final product featured many great acting performances but from a technical perspective is very amateur. then a series of events unfolded and in the summer of 2013 William Craft and Jason Devries decided with a little encouragement and a small stipend to reshoot ‘Le Squatch’

The Fatbat has been missing for 20 years, Gotham city has degenerated into a crime ridden mess. A sasquatch who goes by the name Le Squatch as he is French-Canadian, suave dressing playboy that is taking Gotham City by storm. Le Squatch is making moves to take over the cities underworld when suddenly. Bruce Wayne reappears along with his famous alter ego. He learns that Alfred is a crackhead and Robin his loyal assistant has become an Arch-Villain known as Cain..

Gotham City’s Mayor Susan Daniels rejects the Fatbat’s offer for help and on top of it all the Fatbat is bested in a dance competition to Le Squatch. Doubt starts to grow as Bruce Wayne considers retiring his alter ego. Then in a dream sequence Bruce is visited by William Shakespeare who persuades Bruce to bring back the cape and cowl and return to crime fighting. the Fatbat is now hot on the trail of Le Squatch and his deadly right hand man the Joker. Unbeknownst to the The Fatbat who is working with the daughter of his former Police commissioner friend, Victoria Gordon trouble is brewing in Le Squatch’s camp as Le Squatch has started a steamy affair with the Catwoman who is driving a wedge between Le Squatch and the Joker.

The Catwoman attacks Gotham City DA Rebecca Dent and the Joker Murders the Gotham City socialite Roman Sionis and the Mayor. Soon the fued becomes to great and the Joker murders Le Squatch and the Catwoman. The Fatbat catches up with the Joker and defeats him in one on one combat Then as he is getting a coffee one day Batman runs into Cain/Robin, after an emotional exchange the Fatbat realizes it’s time for him to fight crime alone.

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